Our Founder


Satisfaction of employees is required for customers’ satisfaction. To bring certain flexibility to service policies is the first step to become customer oriented. To render services to all customers with stereotype manners may not result positive answers to different variations. One should not be insistent but should be able to form flexibility in favor
of the customer.
An approach expecting not to get the most profit from the customer once but to aim a permanent and sustainable profit if this is backed by good service it creates loyal customers.

Creating customer is very important but it is hard. Losing customers is easy and its cost is great. The importance of effective communication with respect to this issue is undeniable. In orderto succed with communication; a favorable, cooperating, positive, creative and emphatic approach is required. It is required to value, to consider. You cannot deny importance of valuing your associates.

Acknowledging many things have changed will change in the country. To adopt adaptation process to European Economic Community and changes occurred and will occur in this process… and to settle our personal and corporate changes under this frame is essential. In these days when we have felt just as European, we need improving, encouraging, view opening arrangements, supports rather and feeling government’s support at our back than becoming stereotype… Than, we can manage the rest with the best way.