Human Resources

At Kilic Group, Human Resources plays an important role and works in compliance with our other units, in accordance with the objectives of our company in the sectors in which we are operating.

Our principles

  • Gaining, and if required training, staff that is qualified, open to innovation and change, that follows up on innovations and changes, adopts institutional values,
  • Creating a corporate structure in which employees dominate, who enjoy responsibilities, evaluate each opportunity in order to develop their work and who are productive,
  • Creating possibilities that will enable employees to reach their maximum productivity in the shortest time period,
  • Respectful to values and customs, training staff that is trying to reach a modern civilization level,
  • Increasing the added value of employees that they add to the organization, at each level, by way of training programs that have been prepared with different contents, in order to enable them to develop themselves and to become experts in their profession.

Our values

  • In accordance with our faith in teamwork; everyone is a part of the team and is responsible for increasing the synergy and morale in the team.
  • We always comply with laws, moral code in all relations and we will never make concessions to the understanding that comes with fulfilling legal and social responsibilities.
  • By principle, success and pride obtained is shared amongst all team members.
  • The quality philosophy is implemented in all fields of business life and activities will be carried out accordingly, by aiming quality according to global standards in every work carried out.
  • In case you think that you are in compliance with our principles and values and wish to take part in our team, please forward your application along with your current cv to